To see the world

медичний цент зору

Our eyes are incredible!

Every second, we can see any corner of the world in reality or virtually. But you have to pay a high price for such an opportunity — impaired vision and eye diseases.

The pharmaceutical company NEXTPHARM GmbH (Austria) in partnership with doctors and the best European manufacturers seeks to help everyone see the world and live a full life.

Фармацевтична компанія

Our Values

Innovation. Agility. Uniqueness.

Every day we pursue our values to achieve the goal — to help everyone improve vision and keep the eyes healthy.



The pharmaceutical company NEXTPHARM GmbH (Austria) focuses on world innovations in the field of ophthalmology.

We offer a wide range of medicinal products which comply with current research and development in the field of diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.

Manufacturing Partners

In partnership with the best European manufacturers, we scrupulously maintain high standards of work, therefore we guarantee the quality, safety and efficacy of our products.

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In accordance with international standards, we carefully monitor the process of identifying, studying and evaluating adverse reactions in order to prevent or minimize the risks associated with the use of medicinal products.

The efficacy and safety of medicinal products is a priority for NEXTPHARM GmbH.

Please report about adverse reaction and/or lack of efficacy of the medicinal product during its medical use by phone + 38 068 667 97 82, email [email protected] or filling out a report form

All information you provide is confidential and not subject to disclosure, except as provided by law.

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